Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Colten Bouchie (l) & Garald Stanley (r)
Recently, a Saskatchewan farmer, Gerald Stanley (56), was acquitted of 2nd degree murder in the death Colten Bouchie (22).  (For details see - "Not right: Outrage after jury finds Saskatchewan farmer not guilty in shooting. The National Post, 9 February 2018,

The press has couched their coverage of this tragic story in terms of an all white jury acquitting a white man of killing an aboriginal man. The inference is that a racist white jury was partial to Stanley and made sure he was acquitted.  Perhaps that is true, but we need evidence. Saying the jury was white is not evidence.  

What actual proof is there that the trial of Gerald Stanley was corrupted by a racist jury? Was evidence was overlooked or ignored to get him off the charges? Did somebody witness members of the jury saying or doing anything that would lead one to conclude they were racist or could not be impartial? Who? Was the jury selection slanted? Is so, how? Is Gerald Stanley known for his violence and racist views?  The media must not focus on an all white jury acquitting a white man of killing an indigenous man until these questions are be answered. It may be sensational and good optics for television but it does give us the depth we need. What is required is neutral assessment of claims made inside and outside the courtroom. Investigate!

Groups of aboriginal people and their allies marching in streets demanding justice again begs the question: What injustice was committed? They may be right. But the media must ask the protesters what was the miscarriage of justice? Show specific  examples and I will march with them (or more accurately push my wheelchair). Identifying the colour of the parties in this story isn't an example.

Colten Bouchie's uncle Alvin Bouchie is calling for a separate justice system for Indigenous people. Really? Different justice systems for different people? (There are also Canadian Muslims who want Shariah law.) 

The Canadian Criminal Code is the standard for judging Criminal offenses. That standard must apply equally to everyone. Nobody is above the law, nor is anyone beneath the law. If justice for Colten Bouchie fell beneath it, that needs to be specifically identified and reported. Highlight evidence that clarifies the validity or inaccuracy of accusations or inferences of injustice and racism in the death of Colten Bouchie. 

The media needs to do a better job.

Mark Davis Pickup

Thursday, January 11, 2018


To: The Hon. Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, House of Commons, OTTAWA, ON.

CC: Hubert T Lacroix, CBC President an CEO; Heather Conway, Executive Vice-President, CBC English Services; Alex Johnston, Vice-President, Strategy and Public Affairs; Diane Girard, CBC’s Values and Ethics Commissioner; other selected parties and agencies 

Mme Joly: This email correspondence is to lodge a complaint against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for consistently failing to meet hiring and employment retention goals for employees with disabilities. This billion dollar government funded federal corporation has not only failed to targets for their own INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY PLAN (2015-2018) -- they have failed to meet disability employment goals within the Employment Equity Act and policies dating back 30 years! This must not continue.

For more information and clarification, please see my blog, MediaPerspective at for 3 posts about this matter, beneath a copy of this email:


All of these posts were sent to senior management of the CBC. Only Diane Girard responded saying, in part: “…The allegations in your email are broad ones. If you have a specific complaint regarding the behaviour of one of our employees, please indicate the nature of your complaint you want to make and send us specific details.” The commissioner for Values and Ethics completely missed the point. I was referring to a systemic problem within the CBC and Ms Girard thought I was complaining about an individual employee?! That was an outrageous response!

The time for accountability has come. The CBC MUST incorporate real and measurable and visible disability inclusion and diversity. Ms Joly, I ask you to investigate the CBC’s decades long failure to meet disability employment targets dating back 30 years.

I am,
Respectfully yours,

Mark Davis Pickup
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